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St. Louis Criminal Defense Legal Blog

Parents: 3 ways to challenge a DUI stop

The last thing you ever expected was to get a call from the police station stating that your child had been arrested for driving drunk. Your teen isn't even old enough to drink. A DUI can impact your child now and in the future, so it's important to understand how to fight against the charges. There are a few different methods, each of which has the potential to have the case dismissed.

Police/citizen roadway interactions: increasingly stressful affairs

What do you do if, following the sudden and flatly dismal moment that you see police lights flashing from a closely tailing squad car at night, you have dutifully come to a stop on a roadway shoulder?

That is, how should you now behave?

Puzzle and paradox: Why do some innocent people falsely confess?

It could likely be the ultimate conundrum in criminal law, with it perhaps never being fully understood why any human being with even a shred of rationality would ever confess to the commission of a serious crime, knowing that a harsh term of incarceration potentially awaits as a result.

And yet it happens, both in St. Louis and across the country. Indeed, and as noted in a recent national media report citing evidence culled in a national database with relevant data on wrongful convictions, such convictions were linked with false confessions in approximately 12% of all instances.

What counts as embezzlement?

White collar crimes are taken very seriously and carry heavy penalties. Those who work in industries such as accounting, sales, banking or other fields that involve the handling of money should be aware of the dangers of embezzlement. Someone must have intention in order for their actions to be considered embezzlement, but even accidental mishandling of money can lead to a precarious legal situation. Here's what employees should know about embezzlement.

Drug-crimes representation: singular realm where experience counts

Many readers of our criminal defense blog at the St. Louis law firm of Rosenblum Fry, P.C., have doubtless heard of The War on Crime and its attendant War on Drugs.

Those initiatives -- fervor-laden campaigns, if you will -- were spawned in bygone decades when politicians both locally and across the country curried favor by espousing hard-line views regarding convicted criminal offenders.

Sex-crime legal representation: how a proven attorney can help

Although facing a criminal charge of any type is of course a significant and, indeed, harrowing development in any individual's life, it is certainly no overstatement to note that being arrested and charged with a sex crime-related offense can have especially dire repercussions.

For starters, and as we note on our website at the well-established criminal defense law firm of Rosenblum Fry P.C. in St. Louis, "The stigma and criminal penalties associated with a sex crime conviction are significant."

Facing DWI or DUID Charges In Missouri? What You Need To Know

Many drivers throughout the St. Louis area have likely been pulled over by the police and can attest to the feelings of anxiety and fear the experience provokes. For numerous reasons, it's completely normal to be nervous when you're pulled over and questioned by the police. In cases where it becomes apparent that a police officer suspects that you are somehow impaired, the experience can quickly escalate and become downright terrifying.

If a traffic stop ends with you being arrested and facing criminal charges related to DWI or DUID, you need to understand the penalties you face as well as your available options.

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